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Welcome to our online tools and guides page. Here you will find a handy library of useful code generators, information guides, and business forms.

HTML Code Generators and Guides
HTML Table Generator with CSS This code generator allows you to experiment with different HTML table styles and colors to create the perfect table.
Free MySpace Background Generator This code generator allows you to experiment with background images and different placement and repeat configurations.
IE Scroll Bar CSS Generator This code generator allows you to experiment with different custom colored scroll bars targeting the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.
VML Background Generator This code generator allows you to experiment and create gradient backgrounds using VML with the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.
IIS Server Variable Debugger This page is about a server variable debugger for the Microsoft Internet Information Server web server.
CSS Cheat Sheet Download and print our handy Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Cheat Sheet. Laminate it and you will have some of the most important CSS settings at your fingertips.
Keyboard Shortcuts This page contains a few selected keyboard shortcuts for the Microsoft Windows operating system and programs.
RJ45 Ethernet Wiring Guide This page contains information about how to hand wire an RJ45 connector with Cat-5 cable for use with an ethernet network.

Barcode and Image Generators
Barcode Generator Information about our free Code 39 barcode generator.

Time Conversion and Important Dates
Military Time Conversion This is a conversion table of standard to military time conversions.
Elapsed Time Calculator This is an Elapsed Time Calculator.
GMT Time Zone Conversion Tables This is a table that allows you to convert between GMT (Greenwich mean time) and standard time or daylight savings time. It is particularly useful if you have to manage lots of web servers and you often analyze their server logs.
2010 Holiday Calendar This is a calendar table of 2010 Federal holidays.
Round Time to Nearest 5,6 or 15 Minutes This is a set of tables describing how to round time to the nearest 5, 6, or 15 minutes.
2012 Daylight Savings Time
2013 Daylight Savings Time
2014 Daylight Savings Time
2015 Daylight Savings Time
2016 Daylight Savings Time
2017 Daylight Savings Time
Daylight Savings Time
This is a table containing the start and end dates of daylight savings time from now through 2017.
GMT To EST Conversion
GMT To CST Conversion
GMT To MST Conversion
GMT To PST Conversion
GMT To AKST Conversion
GMT To EDT Conversion
GMT To CDT Conversion
GMT To MDT Conversion
GMT To PDT Conversion
GMT To AKDT Conversion
Time Zone Converstions from GMT to various other time zones.

Online Calculators
Online Concrete Calculator Calculate the volume of concrete you need for your next patio or foundation.
Free BMI Calculator This page details our free BMI (body mass index) calculator.
Amortization Schedule This page details our free loan amortization schedule generator.
Car Payment Calculator This page details our free car payment calculator.
Sales Tax Calculator Calculate the sales tax of a purchase.
Prorating Calculator This is our prorating calculator that shows how to prorate.

Business Forms and Information
Mileage Log Track your mileage with our online printable mileage log form.
2008 Payroll Tax Tables
Free Payroll Tax Information
2008 Federal Withholding Payroll Tax Tables for Single and Married persons with pay periods daily, weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly.
Vacation Request Form Need a break? Request a vacation with our printable vacation request form.
Free Timesheet Record your employee time worked with our free printable time sheet.
Free Time Chart Configurable / printable time chart for scheduling.
Sales Tax Chart Sales and Use Tax Chart for different tax rates.
Employee Attendance Calendar Our free, printable Employee Attendance Calendar.

Electronics and Electrical Calculators
Resistor Color Code Calculator Resistor Color Codes calculator to find resistance from color codes on electronic resistors.
Electricity Usage Calculator Calculate the cost of electricity and power usage for your appliances.

SEO Strategy and Useful Information
Search Engine Optimization Strategy An article about SEO basics and your initial website design strategy.
Protect your copyrighted web content with DMCA Takedown Notices An article about what to do if your copyrighted web pages have been scraped and infringed on another website.

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