Employee Attendance Calendar

Why pay alot for an employee attendance calendar when you can print ours for free? Our attendance calendar has room for the employeee's name and date of hire at top right.

Commonly Used Absense Codes

The next section has a list of commonly used absense codes, with room for three custom attendance codes. The included codes are:

  • Absense
  • Accident
  • Appointment
  • Birthday
  • Death
  • Disciplinary
  • Family
  • Jury Duty
  • Lack of Work
  • Leave of Absense
  • Leave Early
  • Medical
  • Make Up
  • Not Communicated
  • Other
  • Personal
  • Sick
  • Tardy
  • Transportation
  • Vacation
  • Weather

Monthly Calendars with Room for Absense Codes

The calendar section lists each month out, January, February, March, etc., with room for you to write in absense / attendance codes.

Each month has a notes / count column at right, and a totaling section at the bottom.

Print for Free

Our emloyee attendance calendar is free for you to print from our website. However, you may not copy digital versions of them to your computer or other storage or website. Click if you agree to these terms.

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