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Spectrum TimeClock

Spectrum TimeClock

Spectrum TimeClock is our powerful, easy to use, web based time clock software for employee time and attendance tracking. We host it online for easy access by customer administrators and employees wanting to track their time and do payroll and overtime calculations. It works well with web browsers running on computers and smart phones. Biometric options are also available to eliminate buddy punching.

It supports unusual overtime regulations like California Overtime and Double Time. It can also export to a number of different payroll and accounting systems.

Spectrum TimeClock is ideal for firms with multiple locations, potentially spanning multiple time zones, and those needing multiple time clocks using a centralized database.

ParaCoder Code Generator

ParaCoder - Automated Code Generator

The Spectrum Research team has created a number of powerful programming tools that make us extremely productive and make our software more reliable. Our ParaCoder ® AI automated code generator enables us to complete custom ASP/SQL/HTML database applications even faster and with more reliability.

ParaCoder generates 85-90% of the code for a complete web based database application. All of the generated SQL and .ASP source code is commented and looks just like it was hand written - since we reverse engineered our own ASP code to write ParaCoder itself.

Custom Software Development

We are experts in the development of large software projects written in Microsoft SQL, ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP / VBScript, C, C++ and C#. We've developed large projects for our clients in all of these languages. Take a look at the Products and Portfolio tabs above to see some of the products we've created.

Spectrum Time Card Calculator

Time Card Calculator Software The Spectrum Time Card Calculator is our PC time card calculator software application. It's designed to let you quickly total up employee time worked from paper time sheets, and lets you generate a printable payroll report.

It supports time rounding for 5, 6, and 15 minute rounding. It can automatically subtract unpaid break time from shifts. It may also be the only time card calculator that understands California overtime, double time, and the 7th day rule.

Click to read more about our time card calculator software.

Fitness Club Management Software

Spectrum Research Fitness Club Management Software Our newest application is the Spectrum Research, Fitness Club Management Software. Originally developed as a custom fitness club point of sale and membership management system for a local county government near us in Tennessee, the software is now available to other fitness clubs.

The Point of Sale system is a desktop C# .Net program that uses a local database in situations where an internet connection is not always available. The back office software is a classic .asp application written using our ParaCoder® parametric code generator.

Other components use a variety of different technologies all integrated into one seamless system.

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