Excelearn LMS for Resource Bridge, LLC

Spectrum Research, Inc. and Resource Bridge, LLC. partnered in 2004 to bring the powerful new web based ExceLearnsm Learning Management System to the eLearning Market. Fast, easy to use and cost effective, the ExceLearn LMS enables companies, large and small, to create and deploy high quality eLearning courses and performance evaluations to end user communitites worldwide.

While most LMS systems were designed by engineers with no background in eLearning, ExceLearn was designed by professional training developers for training developers. ExceLearn is intuitive for new users, yet comprehensive enough for organizations with complex eLearning requirements, including SCORM 1.2 compliance.

ExceLearn allows end users to quickly log in and launch their assigned courses and curriculums. On the administration side, supervisors can monitor the progress of learners, get reports, and bring new courses online.

Based on Resource Bridge's exacting specifications, ExceLearn was written using our advanced ParaCoder® Automated AI Code Generator technology. At roughly a quarter of a million lines of source, and at its peak, roughly twenty thousand registered users, it is one of the largest and most reliable applications that Spectrum Research has created with ParaCoder. Using ParaCoder, we were able to significantly shorten the time required to create, test and bring ExceLearn to market.

The ExceLearn LearnItsm Portal main screen.

ExceLearn is a robust compilation of three web based portals in one. The LearnItsm portal allows learners to access their course modules. The BuildItsm portal allows eLearning course builders to manage and create courses and curriculums. The ManageItsm portal allows learning supervisors to manage and assign courses and curriculums.

The ExceLearn LearnItsm Portal showing module selection.

ExceLearn uses a hierarchical course stucture. Curriculums contain courses, that contain modules, that contain learning pages.

The ExceLearn LearnerItsm Portal showing a Resource Bridge Learning Module.

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