CAD TimeCard (1989)
Automatic Time Logger / Timesheet Creator

CAD TimeCard was an application that monitored CAD drawing files accessed by AutoCAD in order to create accurate timesheets to better track billable time. It consisted of two applications.

The first was a system level TSR (terminate and stay resident) logger program that hooked into the operating system's low level file I/O functions, filtered for and logged the times of file input output that AutoCAD made. Once loaded the logger tracked the start and top (open and close) times for CAD drawings, along with idle time when a user was away from their computer or doing something else. It did this without disturbing the running CAD programs. All of the time data was logged to small binary database files that stayed with the AutoCAD Drawing files.

The second program was a user interface that displayed and printed the timesheets that the logger built. The whole system allowed AutoCAD users to track and bill their time more accurately.

When the US Navy wanted to track the actual time worked in AutoCAD drawings, and to generate billing reports, they turned to CAD-TimeCard. Other customers included several municipalities and architectural firms.

CAD TimeCard received critical acclaim in the October 1989 issue of CADENCE Magazine when they reviewed a number of CAD utilities.

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