Bar Code Label Software

Code 39 Bar Code Generator With Standard & Full ASCII Support

Now you can purchase an inexpensive Code 3 of 9 Bar code Generator to run online on your own Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 web server running Internet Information Server (IIS) for only $99.95 per web site.

Spectrum Research developed this barcode generator control for use in our own web based inventory control and rental applications after seeing the expensive prices of other bar code systems.

Based on the demand of our free barcode generator demo, we decided to make this control available as a stand alone product. Barcode generating software and a pos system both help manage inventory.

There are many approaches to generating barcodes. Most methods have big drawbacks. One approach to create barcodes is to use one of the barcode fonts in the public domain. These work great if your application will be running from a computer that has the barcode font installed on it. Not so great though, if you don't have it loaded everywhere.

Another approach is to use ActiveX controls. Here, you embed html object tags within your web page. Given the rampant spread of virus and worm attacks, most computers within companies are locked down and don't accept or run ActiveX controls. Additionally, ActiveX controls don't work with many popular web browsers.

This leaves only a couple of other options. If your barcodes are few in number, you can scan them and display them as images. If this isn't the case, a server based barcode generator is the way to go. That's the way we decided to go.

The Spectrum Barcode Generator Control is a simple Code 39 barcode generator. It handles the basic Code 39 character set. Specifically, charcters "0-9", "A-Z", and "-. *$/+%" are handled. It strictly generates Code 39 barcodes in the GIF image format, so the images work with most web browsers.

The generator was written as a Microsoft .NET application, in the C# language. It uses a "code-behind" dll. Source code is not available.

The license allows you to run the control on a single web site running from a single web server, and prohibits resale of the control or charging for access to it.

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