VidRent - Online DVD Rental Software

Spectrum VidRent is an web based / online DVD video rental software system designed to fill the needs of video rental firms renting DVDs over the internet. It is engineered to provide ease of use, whether by a rental customer or the company's System Administrator.

The VidRent video rental software is built on Active Server Page technology and uses a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database to store movie information.

VidRent was first used by Gold Entertainment Group, Inc., and their 5000 distributors and customers for almost a year before they (like others including Walmart) fell victim to the recent video rental company price wars and ceased operations.

VidRent is no longer available.

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More about VidRent Online Video Rental Software

Customers can browse through the database of available videos, or login and rent a video.

Administrator Functions

Administrators are given virtually complete access to all system functions.

  • Manage Movies
  • Manage Movie Images
  • Import data from supplier database.
  • View Supplier Movie database.
  • Manage Movie Categories / Genre
  • Manage Movie Cast / Actors
  • Manage Actors
  • Manage Directors
  • Manage Studios
  • Manage Top Pick and Home Page
  • Manage Coming Soon
  • List User Logins
  • Manage Users
  • Archive Old Rental Records
  • Manage Inventory
  • Add Rental Inventory by BarCode Scan
  • Add Inventory by Supplier Database Lookup
  • Process Rental Reservations
  • Generate Barcode Labels
  • View Barcode Label Batches
  • Scan Inventory for Information
  • Scan Out Rentals
  • Scan In Rental Returns
  • Scan In Missing Rentals
  • Manage Membership Types
  • Manage Rental History Status Types
  • Manage Media Formats
  • Manage Critics Ratings Types
  • Manage Movie Ratings
  • Manage User Status and Messages
  • Customer Support Data Screens
  • Manage Customer Orders / Membership Purchases
  • Manage System FAQ

Customer Support Functions

Customer Support employees have special screens that they can use to manage customers.

System Customizations

The look and feel of the portal is easily customizable, since it makes heavy use of Cascading Style Sheets. The rest of the look and feel is controlled by a small number of ASP pages that can easily be changed.

System Reports

  • List All Movies
  • Inventory By Status
  • Customer Movie Rent Counts
  • Customer Movie Rent Counts - Can Rent Only
  • Reservation Count By Movie
  • Movies Out By User
  • Reservations By Movie
  • Movie History By User
  • Movie Inventory Data
  • Obsolete Account Contact Information
  • Expired Users With Movies (Movie Listing)
  • Expired Users with Movies (User Listing)
  • System Metrics
  • Current Users Online
  • User Expiration Dates
  • Batch Item Report
  • Batch Item By Inventory ID
  • Users and Expirations

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