About Spectrum Research, Inc.

27 Years of Software Innovation

Spectrum Research was founded as a software development firm by Alfred Heyman in 1987. At Spectrum, we strive to develop architecturally elegant, reliable software solutions.

Our primary product and software project is our web based Spectrum TimeClock Software. Built using our ParaCoder® Code Generator to run on Microsoft web and database platforms, it supports time and attendance functions over the internet via web browser on computers, smart phones, tablets, via a line of hardware time clock terminals, and via other programs that support employee time in/out functions using fingerprint readers or automatic mechanisms.

Our other products include a point of sale system utilized by the local Williamson County government for their recreation facilities. That system consists of client side point of sale cash registers and centralized back-office server management. Visitors to the facilities can purchase barcoded visit passes that are good at multiple recreation facilities.

For nearly a decade, Spectrum Research, Inc. served as the outside research and development arm of Trainersoft, Inc. The Trainersoft Professional Desktop Authoring System and related services yielded sales of several million dollars per year, won numerous awards for its power and ease of use. Trainersoft merged with Outstart, inc. in 2002.

More than a decade ago, we took our concept for a computer based video security system using modems to Security Data Networks. With additional innovations from SDN, we wrote the software for the first version of that product, MicroSentinel®. MicroSentinel won a "Best of Show" and "Innovations" award at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. SmartVue has continued to innovate and develop the product, recently announcing a very powerful SmartVue S3.

Blackstone Stock Footage continues to use the Blackstone Stock Footage Search Engine we wrote for them several years ago. That stock footage search engine contains information about roughly 80,000 stock footage video clips available through Blackstone.

Trainersoft is a trademark of Trainersoft, Inc. and Outstart, Inc.
Microsentinel is a trademark of SmartVue, Inc.

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