SecuGen® Hamster Plus™

Fingerprint Reader

The Hamster Plus™ is SecuGen's® 500 DPI optical fingerprint reader.


The Hamster Plus has a built in Auto-On feature that can be enabled from software applications like the Spectrum TimeClock BioNetick™ module. With Auto-On enabled, the laser light in the fingerprint reader is left turned off until the reader senses the presence of a finger over the clear fingerprint touchpad.

High Reliability

The SecuGen Hamster Plus uses a highly accurate fingerprint reader sensor. In an independant test of major biometric products, carried out by the International Biometric Group, SecuGen's sensor and algorithm achieved a 0.0% false acceptance rate (FAR) and a 0.0% false rejection rate (FRR).

Its innovative optic design yields an image that is practically without distortion, and that has high contrast. SecuGen's patented SEIR method eliminates the majority of image quality problems that are common to traditional optical sensors.

    Fingerprint Reader Features

  • USB Connection
  • Comes with a removable, weighted stand
  • Has an integrated finger guide
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to use with any finger or thumb.
  • Hardend fingerprint contact area is scratch, impact, corrosion and electrostatic discharge resistant.
  • Auto-On feature automatically detects finger and turns on laser light.
  • High precision 500 DPI resolution
  • Utilizes SecuGen's FDU03™ sensor.

USB Fingerprint Reader

The SecuGen Hamster Plus connects to your computer via a USB connection.

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SecuGen, Hamster Plus, and FDU03 are trademarks or registered tardemarks of SecuGen Corporation in the USA and other countries. SecuGen is a member of the BioAPI Consortium and supports the BioAPI BSP version 1.1 through their SDK Collection.
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