SST - Seek Stopper Hard Disk Optimizer (1986)

SST was perhaps the second hard disk optimizer available for personal computers. SST blew away hard disk optimization speed records by using an advanced all in memory technique. SST later served as the basis for the first version of Design Software's DS-Optimize product.

Written by Alfred Heyman as a student, it was released in 1986 and did very well as a shareware product. The technology was later incorporated into Design Software's commercially marketed DS-Optimize product. Design Software was a leader in backup and hard disk utitilities in the mid 1980's.

SST received critical industry acclaim. PC-Resource Magazine said "SST is an incredible bargain... If all you want to do is make your disk run fast, this is the program to get". PC-Magazine said "...SST is still among the fasted disk packers".

View the SST source code by clicking SST Source Code.

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