PeachTree Accounting - Time Clock Data Import

To import time clock data from Spectrum TimeClock into PeachTree Accounting, you must first configure a few things in PeachTree.

Step 1: Setup "Pay Types" in Payroll Configuration

Select to PeachTree's "Maintain / Payroll / Payroll Settings" menu. From the resulting dialog box, click on "Company Information", and then "Pay Types" when that appears.

The "Pay Type" list box must start with "Regular", "Overtime", and "Doubletime" (for California).  The import will not work if these aren't setup this way. 

Step 2: Configure Each Employee's Pay Info

Each employee in Spectrum TimeClock must have the same "Employee ID" that you've got them configured with in PeachTree.

The employee's "Pay Method" can be set to "Hourly - Hours per Pay Period" or "Hourly - Time Ticket Hours".

Each rate must have an hourly pay rate set.

Again, the "Pay Type" listbox must list "Regular", "Overtime", and "Doubletime" (for California users) in that order.

The "Maintain Employees & Sales Reps" dialog

Step 3: Setup an Activity Item for Payroll

Each time ticket has to be assigned an "Activity Item". Spectrum TimeClock uses an activity item named "PAYROLL". To add this, pull down and select PeachTree's "Maintain / Inventory Items" menu. Then create a new "PAYROLL" item as shown, selecting the "Activity Item" in the "Item Class" dropdown.

Step 4: Click on a Menu to Start Configuring

Click on PeachTree's "File / Select Import/Export" menu to start an import configuration.

Step 5: Configure Import Fields

1) From the "Select Import/Export" dialog, click on "Time/Expense.
2) Click on "Time Ticket Register".
3) Click on the "Import" icon in the toolbar.

Step 6: Select the Data Columns to Import

Click on the "Fields" tab of the "Time Ticket Register" Dialog. Then...
1) Click on the "Show None" button at the left of the dialog.
2) Click to show each of the columns with "Show" checked below. Scroll as needed.

Step 7: Select Import Options

Click on the "Options" tab of the "Time Ticket Register" dialog.
1) Check the "First Row Contains Headings" checkbox.
2) Click the ">" icon to select the import file. Specify "c:\time.csv" file.

Step 8: Save the Import Template

1) Click the "Save" button.
2) Type in the template name "Spectrum".
3) Click on the "Save As" dialog box's "Save" button.

Step 9: Do the Import

1) Export fresh payroll batch data from Spectrum TimeClock if needed.
2) Click on the "Spectrum" template.
3) Click on the "Import" button to import the punches.

Other Tasks

View Time Tickets

View all time tickets by going to the "Tasks / Time and Expense / Time Tickets" menu, then click on "List" in the resulting dialog box. You can also get there from the "Lists / Time and Expense / Time Tickets" menu.

Control Pay Type Order

The order of "Pay Type" values can be edited by going to the "Options / Default Information / Payroll Settings" menu, and then clicking on "Field Order".

by Alfred Heyman

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