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Please take a look at the Time Master II calculator, which is very similar.
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The TimeCard Tabulator II is a hand-held Time Card Calculator that will let you perform most payroll time card calculations with only a few keystrokes. Doing time card calculations has never been easier!

It was specifically designed for adding up employee time cards .

Unfortunately, this calculator has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and we can't get any more of them. The good news is that the Time Master II Calculator has most of the same features, plus some others. See that calculator on our page at Time Master II. Based on the manufacturer's calculator comparison sheet (See time card calculator functions), the Time Master II lacks only the following features; Multiple TimeCard Entries, Total Hours and Pay, In/Out and Breaks. I adds elapsed time solutions including; Begin, End, and Duration, as well as allowing you to move between modes, and add one, two or three days.

    Powerful Features

  • Easily enter times like 9:03AM using dedicated buttons for Hr, Min, Sec, :, AM and PM.
  • Calculate time cards using In and Out buttons.
  • Add and subtract time in HH:MM:SS like 8:37AM and 12:07PM.
  • Multiply and divide time in HH:MM:SS like 8:37AM and 12:07PM.
  • Calculate Time Difference
  • Automatic rounding of times if desired.
  • Automatic subtraction of break time if desired.
  • Convert from decimal hours to HH:MM:SS - and back.
  • Add and subtract military time values like 17:00 (5:00PM).
  • Has a countdown clock with buzzer!

    How To Add Employee Time Cards

  1. Enter the morning start time: 8 : 3 0 and press In
  2. Enter the morning end time: 1 1 : 4 5 and press Out
  3. Enter the afternoon start time: 1 2 : 3 0 and press In
  4. Enter the afternoon end time:
  5. 4 : 3 0 and press Out
  6. Find the employee's daily total hours by pressing Emp Hrs. Time rounding is automatically handled as configured (see below)
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each day of work time.
  8. Press Emp Hrs again to calculate hours worked total for the week.
  9. Press Emp Hrs again to calculate employee gross pay for paycheck based on their stored rate (see below).
  10. Press Next to move to the next employee, leaving all break, time rounding, and pay rate settings the same.

    Setting the Employee's Rate of Pay

  1. Clear the time card calculator by pressing On/C On/C.
  2. Store the rate of pay by pressing 1 0 . 5 0 Stor Rate (for $10.50 per hour).

    Setting the Time Rounding Method

  1. Clear the time card calculator by pressing On/C On/C.
  2. Enter the rounding setting:
    • 0 . 0 Min Rnd to turn rounding off.
    • 5 . 0 Min Rnd for 5 Minute Rounding 1/12th Hour).
    • 6 . 0 Min Rnd for 6 Minute Rounding (1/10th Hour).
    • 15 . 0 Min Rnd for 15 Minute Rounding (1/4th Hour).

Employee pay rates, non-paid break durations, and time rounding can be pre-configured.

The TimeCard Tabulator II does much more too...

  • Total multiple timecard entries.
  • Compute total hours of time worked and pay
  • AM/PM or 24-hour military time formats.
  • Supports time rounding.
  • Supports time conversions.
  • Much faster than manually adding time cards by hand.
  • Automatic break time subtraction.
  • Built in Stopwatch / Timer.
  • Includes FREE Armadillo Gear® protective hard case.
  • User Manual explains how to calculate time cards and add time, as well as how to round time.
  • Full One Year Limited Manufacturer's warranty.
  • Toll-Free technical support hotline.

Click to see a comparison of time card calculator functions offered by the TimeCard Tabulator II and the Time Master II time calculators.

We also offer a free printable timesheet that you can print out and use with your new Tabulator II time card calculator.

Where to buy the TimeCard Tabulator II Calculator? It is NOT available in office supply stores like Staples, Office Depot and Office Max. The TimeCard Tabulator II is manufactured by Calculated Industries. It is a handheld device that can be used to replace Copleys online time card calculator. Calculate my hours worked! Model 9530.

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Payroll Calculator - TimeCard Tabulator II
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I received it and I totally love it. What a great invention as I didn't even know this existed. This wonderful gedget is awesome! Thank you very much!!! - Lorie Martin
... a great time saving device. - Connie R.
I called tech support and they were great and helped me format to hours and minutes! - KimMarie M.
Thank you! I've needed one of these for months! They seemed impossible to find. - Becky B.
Got them. Thanks for the quick shipping! - Jackie M.
This will help us cut time processing time cards.
- Lori S.
This is the second Tabulator II I have purchased. I worked somewhere else and bought it to use there. When I left, I forgot to take it with me and SO had to buy it again. Thank you again.
- Jan G.

It comes with it's own
free time card calculator cover
Armadillo Gear®

The inside of the Armadillo Gear cover is a Calculator Quick Reference Guide.

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