Time Calculator Function Comparison

This chart below is a feature comparison checklist between the TimeCard Tabulator II and the Time Master II calculators.

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TimeCard Tabulator II - Model 9530
Time Master II - Model 9130

Functions Time Card
Tabulator II
Model 9530
Time Master II
Model 9130
Multiple Time Input FormatsXX
   Convert to/from DaysXX
   Convert to/from HoursXX
   Convert to/from MinutesXX
   Convert to/from SecondsXX
   Convert to/from h:m:sXX
Add Days +1, +2, +3 X
Decimal EquivalentsXX
AM/PM or 24 hour Military Time FormatsXX
Multiple Week/DayDate Modes  
Built-in Stop Watch and TimerXX
   Split / LapXX
Elapsed Time Solutions X
   Begin X
   End X
   Duration X
Multiple Timecard EntriesX 
Total Hours and PayX 
In, Out, and BreaksX 
Pro Rate Dollars Amounts  
Rate Functions for Time BillingXX
Mode: Move between Modes X
Paperless Tape: Last 20 EntriesXX
Preference SettingsXX
   Buzzer (Alarm)XX
   Beep (Keys)XX
   Standard Math CalculatorXX
   Memories - 10(1 Cumulative, 9 Fixed)XX
The TimeCard Tabulator II

Time Master II

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