Time Clock Software - PC-Punch™

PC-Punch is our networked PC Time Clock Software application. PC-Punch resides in your PC's tooltray and is an alternate time clock interface for our Spectrum TimeClock web based time clock software application. PC-Punch adds additional security to Spectrum TimeClock to prevent employees from punching in from unauthorized locations. The time clock software itself continues to run from our time clock web servers.

Using the PC-Punch Time Clock Software Module

Time Clock Punch In with PC-Punch

PC-Punch Time Clock Software Module Punching in is as easy as pressing the "Punch In" button using PC-Punch. If "Pay Rate / Job Codes" are defined within Spectrum TimeClock, those will be displayed for selection in the listbox above the "Punch In" button.

Immediately after punching in, the color of an employee's status screen will change to green and will display their hours worked so far in the day. Green means that the employee is punched in, red means that the employee is currently punched out.

Time Clock Punch Out with PC-Punch

PC-Punch Time Clock Software Module Punching out is equally easy. Simply press the "Punch Out" button. If any punch-out reasons are configured, those will be displayed for selection prior to the button press.

It is also possible for an employee to enter a note about the shift prior to punching out. All they have to do is to type a note into the "Notes" input box immediately prior to pressing the "Punch Out" button.

Punch In and Out From the Tool Tray

Punching in and out can also be accomplished from the Windows Tool Tray. If an employee is punched out, the PC-Punch icon will be read and will display the word "OUT" as seen at right. Simply right-click on the PC-Punch tool tray icon as seen in red at right. Then click the "Punch In" menu.

If an employee is already punched in, the icon will be green and will display the text "IN". To punch in, an employee needs to right-click on the PC-Punch tool tray icon, and must then click on the "Punch Out" menu. Only the appropriate menu is displayed.

Clicking on the "TimeClock Web Login" menu will open up a web browser to the timeclock, where an employee can login.

Installing the PC-Punch Time Clock Software Module


  1. Copy the PCPunch.ZIP file to a temporary file on the employee's computer.
  2. Unzip the file and save the contents of the zip to the same folder.
  3. Run the "Setup.exe" program to install the software.
  4. Run the PC-Punch program by clicking on its icon on the Windows Desktop.

Configuring PC Punch

After an administrator has added an employee to Spectrum TimeClock, and that employee has been assigned a Punch-ID and password, do the following to configure the employee's PC-Punch module:
  1. Run the PC-Punch Module by double clicking on its icon.
  2. If the module minimizes to the tool tray, right click on the icon and click the menu that starts with "Show...".
  3. Click on the "Configuration" tab.
  4. Enter the employee's Punch-ID in the top "My Punch-ID" field.
  5. Enter the employee's password in the field titled "Password".
  6. Enter the internet URL to the TimeClock system.
  7. Click the "Apply" button.
  8. It may be necessary to exit and restart the application from its "Exit" menu.

Extra Security through Ethernet Card MAC Locking

Internet IP address numbers can be used to limit punching to only authorized computers within Spectrum TimeClock, provided that the computer or network (as seen from the internet) in question has a static IP Address. This is not available in a number of situations. An alternative to this is the MAC address of the ethernet card.

Every ethernet network card has a unique serial number embedded in it. This unique serial number can be obtained and used to uniquely identify the computer. PC-Punch and Spectrum TimeClock work together to limit time clock punches to only authorized computers.

Please contact Spectrum Research for more information about how to configure this feature.

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