How to Create a Remote Assistance Shortcut

Once you've got your computer setup to be able to request remote assistance, it is helpful to install an icon on a user's desktop so they can directly request remote assitance by email without having to go back through all of those instructions.

On Windows 7 and 8, all you've got to do is to create a desktop shortcut with the following program and command line options:
msra.exe /email

  1. Right click on an empty spot on your Windows Desktop, and drill into the "New / ShortCut" menu.

  2. Type "MSRA.EXE /email" into the location input box, and press "Next".

  3. Type in a name for the shortcut and press "Finish".

Additional Technical Information

The program has a number of different options.


msra.exe [/? | /expert | /novice | /saveasfile <path> [password] | /openfile <path> | /email [password] | /offerRA [computer] | /geteasyhelp | /offereasyhelp | /getcontacthelp [address] | /offercontacthelp [address]]


<path> Is the path to a file to be created or loaded.
<password> Is the password to protect the invitation.
<computer> Is the computer name or IP address of a computer.
<address> Is the address for the contact being specified.

/? Display the help message.
/novice Start the Remote Assistance program and ask for assistance.
/expert Start the Remote Assistance program and offer assistance.
/saveasfile Create a Remote Assistance invitation by saving to a file, which can be hand delivered or emailed.
/openfile Open a Remote Assistance invitation file.
/email Opens the default SMAPI e-mail client with an invitation attached for sending.
/offerra Uses DCOM to launch Remote Assistance on the novice computer remotely; automatically connects.
/geteasyhelp Start Remote Assistance with the 'easy help' option.
/offereasyhelp Start Remote Assistance and respond to an easy help request.
/getcontacthelp Start Remote Assistance showing the contact help page.
/offercontacthelp Start Remote Assistance showing the offer help contact page.

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