Punch Clock Modes

Spectrum TimeClock's web based time clock / punch clock face can be placed in one of any three modes. This option is configured by Spectrum Research at the server code level. Multiple punch clock configurations are possible at different locations if requested.

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Punch-ID Mode

Punch-ID mode requires that an employee enter only their Punch-ID. Punch-IDs can be up to 25 characters long, can be as complex as desired, and can be changed by administrators whenever wanted.

This largely alleviates the need for employees to remember both a Punch-ID and password. Additionally, if passwords are not given to employees, they can punch in and out but can be prevented from logging into the system.

The numbers on the screen make using a touch screen monitor and numeric Punch-IDs ideal. To see a video of how it works, click Time Clock Punching Video.

Punch-ID and Password Mode

The punch clock face can be placed in "Punch-ID and Password" mode. In this mode, employees must enter both their Punch-ID and password to punch in or out.

To see a video of how employees punch in using a Punch-ID and password, click Time Clock Punching with Password Video.

Biometric Only Mode

The punch clock face can be placed in "Biometric Only" mode. In this mode, input is accepted only from biometric devices and barcode scanners.

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