Employee Work Time Scheduling

The Spectrum TimeClock Employee Work Time Scheduling feature allows firms to manage employee schedules by using an employee schedule template system that can be applied across multiple time periods. Employees working different hours from day to day can still have their work schedules manually setup by administrators.

Employee Work Schedule Templates

Schedule templates are built by specifying the normal work hours that an employee will work for each weekday, like a Monday through Friday schedule.

Generating Schedule Records

Schedule records can be generated by specifying the start and end dates for schedule creation. Each calendar date in the specified range is run against all employee schedule templates for creation of the schedule template records.

Viewing Employee Schedules

Employee schedules can be viewd in a detailed list, in a calendar for one employee, or in a calendar for all employees.

Attendance Reporting

As employees punch in and out, their attendance can be checked against their employee schedules.

Schedule Template for Employee

Generating Schedule Records

Scheduled Hours for One Employee

Schedule Calendar for One Employee

Attendance History for One Employee

Schedule Calendar for All Employees

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