Communication in the Workplace

Many times, a firm will not have email accounts setup for all of their employees. The reasons for this are often numerous. Even when all employees do have email addresses, not all employees will check their messages on a daily basis. However, the need to be able to communicate with employees in the workplace is still great.

Messaging from a TimeClock System

What better place to communicate with an employee than when they punch in or out? Integrating a messaging system into the company time clock system eliminates the need to setup an email address for each employee, and guarantees message and business memo delivery even when an employee doesn't check their regular email often.

Messaging systems are already built into many time clock software packages. However, most of those make employees login with a username and password first, and the message can still be missed.

Messaging in Spectrum TimeClock

Spectrum TimeClock is designed for employee punch-in, punch-out speed and ease of use. Employees use only their Punch-ID (which administrators can change at any time), biometric fingerprint recognition, or barcode swipethrough to punch in.

After an employee punches in or out from Spectrum TimeClock the system shows them a confirmation screen to let them know that they have successfully punched in or out. Spectrum TimeClock's patent pending messaging system displays a large, bright alert message when the employee punching in or out has new unread messages, and prompts the employee to login and read their messages.

Messaging Timestamp, Replies and Hierarchy

When a message is read by an employee, the sender's copy of the message is marked with a timestamp so they know that the message has been received. The employee can then reply to the message, or create a new message to their immediate superior.

Spectrum TimeClock's messaging system supports company chain of command and company hierarchy. Administrators and managers can compose new messages to any of their subordinates and can reply to any message that they receive. Employees can compose new messages only to their direct superior, and can reply to any message that they receive from above.

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