Barcode Time and Attendance

Barcode Employee ID Badge Swipe Through

Spectrum TimeClock Supports Barcode Punch In / Out

With Spectrum TimeClock, employees use a simple Punch-ID to punch in and out. Barcoded employee Punch-IDs can be printed using the Spectrum TimeClock Employee ID Badge Maker report, and Avery business card stock.

These ID cards can then be laminated if desired. Employees can punch in and out using them allowing employers to track time and attendance using barcodes. Employee ID Badge swipes are the easiest way to clock in or clock out of Spectrum TimeClock.

Spectrum TimeClock includes our Code39 Barcode Label Software, which is used by the employee ID badge maker report to print out the barcoded employee Punch-IDs.

USB and Keyboard Wedge barcode scanners are supported from the web interface. When the web interface is in "barcode scanner only mode", special algorithms are used to make sure that Punch-IDs are coming from a barcode scanner and not the computer keyboard.

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