Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

The Spectrum TimeClock BioNetick™ Module is a networked biometric fingerprint time clock program running on a Microsoft Windows desktop, that interfaces the USB connected SecuGen Hamster Plus and SecuGen Hamster III fingerprint readers with our web based time clock application - Spectrum TimeClock.

The BioNetick module represents an advance in biometric time and attendance technology. Employees can punch in and out using only their fingerprint from a desktop application, while their time and attance data is stored in a centralized, web accessable system.

Buddy punching is almost completely eliminated, while employees can punch in quickly and simply using only their finger.

Networked Fingerprints

Unlike many other biometric time clock solutions, mathematic employee fingerprint templates are encrypted and stored in database, where other BioNetick modules can download them. This eliminates the need to have employees enroll at each fingerprint station, and is ideal for situations where employees may have to work at different locations.

The BioNetick module supports all of Spectrum TimeClock's punch-out-reasons and the Pay Rate / Job Codes assigned to each employee.

    Program Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® Operating System
  • Microsoft .Net Framework


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SecuGen Hamster Plus on stand.
Employee punching in with fingerprint.

Employee punching out with fingerprint.

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