Windows System Key Combinations

Keys : Function
<CTRL><ESC>:Open start menu
<ALT><TAB>:Switch between open programs (Hold ALT & continue to press TAB)
<ALT><ESC>:Switch to Taskbar's 'next' open window
<ALT><F4>:Quit program / Close Active Window
<SHIFT><DELETE>:Delete item parmanently
<ALT><Space Bar><N>:Minimizes active window
<ALT><Space Bar><X>:Maximizes active window
<ALT><Space Bar><R>:Restores active window
<ALT><Space Bar><C>:Closes active window
<CTRL><ALT><DEL>:Display Task Manager

Windows Program Key Combinations

Keys : Function
<CTRL><X>:Cut to clipboard
<CTRL><C>:Copy to clipboard
<CTRL><V>:Paste from clipboard
<CTRL><A>:Select All
<CTRL><P>:Open the print dialog box
<SHIFT><F10>:Right-mouse-click selected item
<CTRL><TAB>:Rotate through dialog tabs
<CTRL><SHIFT><TAB>:Rotate through dialog tabs in reverse

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