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"Exceeds Wildest Expectations!"
New Code Generator Accelerates
Database Application Development
November 22, 2002

(NASHVILLE, TN) – A new parametric source code generator that generates web-based database applications has been announced by Spectrum Research of Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Alfred Heyman, President of Spectrum Research, “ParaCoder tm is one of the first applications of its type."

"For years now, the Spectrum Research team has been writing code generators," Heyman said. "We have now extended this technology to include database applications."

According to Heyman, database programming can be very repetitious, time consuming and prone to human error. ParaCoder looks at a properly designed database, understands data relationships, and presents the programmer with configurable parameters to choose from without any need to know the SQL language. Once these parameters have been set, ParaCoder generates all of the code needed to access and manipulate the database - complete with a choice of user interface styles.

"Even small web database projects can amount to thousands of lines of code for a finished application," Heyman added, "ParaCoder can generate all of this code in just seconds. Its performance is beyond our wildest expectations."

"ParaCoder literally requires a paradigm shift in the way database applications are perceived and developed," Heyman said. "Whether or not we make ParaCoder available for other companies to use, remains to be seen."

The code that it generates is highly reliable, since ParaCoder doesn't forget to do small things that a human programmer might forget to do. It always validates data for every input field, always generates HTML and JavaScript to limit input character width when needed, always declares every variable used, etc.

ParaCoder currently uses client side Javascript and HTML to display and validate form input from users. It uses server side ASP code running on Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) to manipulate Microsoft Sequel Server 2000 databases.

Heyman said his company is now able to take on large projects that previously only much larger firms had the manpower to produce, and deliver them in extremely short time frames. "We have also used it to do smaller projects that wouldn't be cost-effective to produce using traditional programming techniques," he concluded.


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