Fingerprint Time Clock

1.     Using Spectrum TimeClock with a Fingerprint Reader 2

1.1.      Overview.. 2

1.2.      The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader 2

1.3.      Microsoft Fingerprint Reader - Default Operation. 2

1.4.      Disabling Microsoft Fingerprint Reader Default Operation. 3

1.5.      Installing Replacement Fingerprint Reader Software. 4

1.6.      Add New Fingerprint Reader Software to the Windows Startup Menu. 6

1.7.      Registering an Employee’s Fingerprints. 8

1.8.      Testing Spectrum TimeClock in Biometric Mode. 11

1.    Using Spectrum TimeClock with a Fingerprint Reader

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1.1.      Overview

Spectrum TimeClock has a special biometric input mode where the system can prevent employees from punching in from a computer keyboard, and will allow punching in from only a fingerprint reader, a barcode scanner, or a RFID card scanner. 


This mode is known as “biometric only” mode.  This mode can not be set from the Spectrum TimeClock user interface.  It can only be set by Spectrum Research technical support. 


The graphic below on the left shows the punch screen in normal punch mode.  The graphic on the right shows the punch screen in biometric mode.




1.2.      The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

The biometric device most frequently used with Spectrum TimeClock is the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader.  The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader can be purchased from many office supply stores like Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max, many computer stores like CompUSA, and other stores like Walmart and Best Buy.


It can usually be found for under $50 per reader, often less after manufacturer rebate.


The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader connects to computers using a USB connection, and runs only on computers running Windows XP Home or Professional (or newer).










1.3.      Microsoft Fingerprint Reader - Default Operation

The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader’s default operation is a 1 to 1 functionality.  When a person is logged into Microsoft Windows, they can use the reader to automatically login to different websites.  However, if a different person who’s fingers are registered with the reader, places their finger on the touch pad, the first person will be logged out of windows and the second person will be logged into windows.  This is called “fast user switching”


Using Microsoft’s default functionality prevents the fingerprint reader from being used by different employees to punch in and out, since each different person’s registered finger would force a fast user switch.


When the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader is running, you will see the DPAgnt.exe icon in your computer’s tool tray.  It’s the icon at left in the image below.



To use the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader with Spectrum TimeClock, the highest level Microsoft program that reads the fingerprints and does a web site login or fast user switch – must be disabled and replaced with fingerprint reader software that operates using 1 to N functionality


Fingerprint reader software that uses 1 to N functionality allows multiple users to login (or punch in when used with Spectrum TimeClock) without doing a fast task switch.


1.4.      Disabling Microsoft Fingerprint Reader Default Operation

The easiest way to disable the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader’s default operation is to rename the highest level program file. 


To do this, the DPAgnt.exe program must first be terminated. 


Step 1: Press Control-Alt-Delete, so the Windows Task Manager comes up. 

Step 2: From the Windows Task Manager, click on the “Processes” tab. 

Step 3: Find and highlight DPAgnt.exe by clicking on it.




Step 4: Right click on DPAgnt.exe, and click on the “End Process” menu, as seen below.





Next, you have to rename the DPAgnt.exe program so it won’t be loaded at boot up time.  The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader’s program and driver files are located in the “C:\Program Files\DigitalPersona\Bin” folder on a Windows XP Home or Pro hard disk.


Step 5: Click on the “My Computer” icon on your desktop.

Step 6: Type into the “Address” bar input area, and enter “c:\Program Files\DigitalPersona\Bin”

            and hit return.

Step 7: Single click on DPAgnt.exe

Step 8: Right click on DPAgnt.exe.  Then click “Rename” from the popup menu.

Step 9: Change the filename from DPAgnt.exe to DPAgnt-BAK.exe.




1.5.      Installing Replacement Fingerprint Reader Software

You must first obtain the replacement fingerprint reader software from Spectrum Research, Inc., using instructions provided via email.   Spectrum Research has obtained a license to redistribute this software for its Spectrum TimeClock software customers.


After you have obtained the .ZIP file containing the software, extract all of the zip file’s contents into a folder on your computer.  There are 4 files in the .ZIP file, 2 .LIC files, a txt file, and an .EXE file.


Step 1: Run the .EXE file. 

Step 2: It will prompt you for the language to use.  Press OK after you have made your selection. 

Step 3: Press “Next” to continue after that.

Step 4: As seen in the image below, read the software license, select “I accept the agreement”

            and click the “Next >” button to continue.



Step 5: You will see a 2nd license screen.  Do the same thing. 

Step 6: Click “Next >” again after reviewing the feature list.

Step 7: Finally, click the “Next >” button on the “Select Destination Location” screen of the

            installation wizard.

Step 8: Select “Install Applications Only” and press “Next > “.

Step 9: Click “Next >“ on the “Select Start Menu Folder” screen.

Step 10: Click “Install”.

Step 11: Click “OK” when prompted to install the fingerprint reader if it hasn’t been done yet.

Step 12: Click “Next >“ on the Information screen.

Step 13: Select “Yes, restart the computer now” and press “Finish” on the final installation



1.6.      Add New Fingerprint Reader Software to the Windows Startup Menu

Now, you need to make sure that the fingerprint reader software is added to the Windows Startup Menu.  To do this, do the following:


Step 1: As seen below, right Click on the Windows “Start” menu, and select “Open All Users”.



Step 2: Double Click on “Programs”.

Step 3: Double Click on “Startup”

Step 4: Now, from the Windows Desktop, right click on the fingerprint reader software’s new red

             monitor screen icon, and click the “Copy” menu as seen below.




Step 5: Switch back over to the Windows Startup editing screen, right click, and select the

             “Paste Shortcut” menu, as seen below.




Step 6: The new fingerprint reader software will now load each time you reboot your computer. 

             Reboot your computer again, or click on the new red screen icon on your desktop to start

             the fingerprint reader software.

Step 7: You must configure the fingerprint reader software to insert an “Enter” key after inputting

             the employee’s Punch-ID into Spectrum TimeClock.  To do this, right click on the

             fingerprint reader software’s tool try icon and select “Advanced Configuration”, as seen





Step 8:  Select the options as seen below, and press “Finish”.  The most important option to

              check is the one to “Send ENTER key after identifier” option.




1.7.      Registering an Employee’s Fingerprints

Before using fingerprint reader to punch in and out of Spectrum TimeClock, register a user’s fingerprints.  To do this, right click on the red screen icon in your tool-tray, and click on the “Register New Fingerprint” menu as seen below.




Step 1: When the “Identity Fingerprint Registration Wizard” loads, press the “Next >” button two


Step 2:  Enter the name of the person.

Step 3:  As seen in the image below, move the mouse cursor over a finger that you want to

              register for the employee, and click on the finger.




Step 4: The employee will have to place their finger on the touch pad 3 times as seen below. 

             Have them place it on the touch pad as straight as possible.



Step 5: Enter the employee’s Spectrum TimeClock Punch-ID on the next screen, as seen below.

             Click “Finish” once this has been done.




Step 6:  Additional fingers can be registered as seen below.



Step 7: Register fingers from all employees from the same workstations that they will be

             punching in from.  Fingerprints biometric data is stored on the local machine and is

             not networked.  Employee’s will not be able to punch in from any computer that their

             fingers aren’t registered on.


1.8.      Testing Spectrum TimeClock in Biometric Mode

At this point, you will need to call or write Spectrum Research, Inc. and ask them to place your timeclock into “biometric mode”.  Once in biometric mode, simply refresh the timeclock punch screen in your web browser window.


After your web browser has Spectrum TimeClock loaded in biometric mode, simply have an employee place one of their registered fingers on the touch pad.  Their finger should be as straight on the pad as possible.


The very first time that the fingerprint reader and software are used to punch in, you may get an error message saying that the fingerprint input was outside of expected parameters.  This seems to be because the fingerprint reader software has to set some configuration data the very first time it runs.  This should not occur after the first time.


- end -