SST Source Code

SST was an "all in memory" hard disk optimizer designed to defragment early PC hard disks. It was typically run on a system with a hard disk no bigger than 10mb or 20mb (remember that?).

SST was marketed very successfully as a shareware product in 1985 and 1986, which led to its technology eventually being incorporated into the commercial hard disk optimizer DS-Optimize in 1987.

Hard disk optimizers are not generally included with modern operating systems, and SST was never designed to run on todays hard disks, typically 500,000 times as large.

While the program is very obsolete, we are not aware of source code for any other PC hard disk optimizer ever being released into the public domain. Hopefully, someone will find it interesting.

The Turbo Pascal source code to SST is now committed to the public domain.

  1. You may use this code any way that you want in your own applications, at no charge from Spectrum Research, Inc..
  2. Any application using any part of this source code must also contain an acknowledgement in the application's About Box indicating "Portions Copyright Alfred J. Heyman", and must point back to the web site.
  3. The web site is the sole distribution point for these sources. You may not redistribute them as source code.

SST Source Code Files for Borland Turbo Pascal