Frequently Asked Questions
Product: Spectrum TimeClock
Occasionally we need to do payroll early. Sometimes we have them estimate their time so we may pay them before the pay period ends. How will this work?
Managers and administrators can manually add punches to the system. In this situation, a manager would enter the expected punch in and out times for the future, and you would run payroll using the Quick Payroll Report

Employees could then punch in and out for those days. Then the old estimate punches could be deleted, payroll re-run from either the QPR or Payroll Batch screens, and the difference could be calculated and added or subtracted from the employee's next payroll check.

Does Spectrum TimeClock support exporting to Peachtree Payroll Service?

What if my employee forgets to clock in or out?
Managers and Administrators can manually add and edit punches in the system.

Can individual employees be edited to force a lunch period without effecting the entire database?
Yes. It is possible to do this two different ways.

First, a manager or administrator can edit an individual time clock punch's "Lunch" data value.

Next, multiple employee types can be setup so that some employees can have an automatic lunch deduction rule applied, while others don't.

Do employees have the ability to add on vacation time, and possible work done outside the office over and above the standard hours?
Typically managers will manually add hours records for vacation time or hours worked outside of the office, and employees can add or edit additional hours.

However, within each employee's "employee record", there is a checkbox option titled "Can Edit Their Own Punches". If checked, that option allows employees to edit their own punch records.

Note that the only records that the employee will be able to edit are those that occur after the last date of the preivously run payroll batch. As soon as a new payroll batch is run that includes the day that one of these records was for, these records can no longer be edited.

What is your database backup policy?
A full backup is performed on each customer time clock database every night. A partial hourly backup is then performed every hour.

All database backups are then pulled offsite from the database server every few hours. Database backups are kept for several days before being deleted.

Additionally, a 3 day punch dump report is pulled from each account every hour. These are also kept for several days before being deleted.

If the application is hosted over the internet, can my employees punch in from home?
Only if you want them to. There are several security options to prevent employees from punching in from unauthorized computers.

First, Spectrum TimeClock can be configured so that a manager must login and out before a computer can be used as a time clock station.

Second, if your network or computers use static IP addresses, you can add those IP addresses to a list of time clock stations. Then you can configure the system to prevent any machine not in the list from being used as a time clock station.

Third, we have desktop programs for punching that can be MAC-ADDRESS locked. Every ethernet card produced has a unique serial number called a MAC address. This can be used to identify where a punch is coming from.

How safe is this with regards to idenity theft.
There are a number of security topics related to identity theft. Here are some answers that may help.

Identity theft is usually accomplished through the theft of social security numbers and/or credit card numbers. Our databases for online systems contain no credit card numbers. Additionally, employers don't typically store employee social security numbers in our system - and we advise them not to. For that matter, most don't even store employee home addresses or phone numbers in the system. In most cases the phone book has more information about employees than our time clock system does.

These things make our time clock systems a waste of time for hackers to try and break into.

On the flip side, the system is very secure.

Every single page that displays any data has user validation code that verifies that the user trying to view the data has the authority to view the data. Many employers also have us turn on IP Security (IPSEC) so that only a few computers on the internet can even run the application. Our servers are also highly tightened down. Finally, the vast majority of the application was written with our ParaCoder code generator, which automatically generates data security code to prevent an attack type known as a SQL Server Injection attack.

Given the strength of the application security and the lack of data in it that could be used for identity theft, it is extremely unlikely that our timeclock system could be exploited for identity theft purpposes.

Can I get an export of the punches in a CSV or Excel format ??
Yes. We have a number of payroll data export reports for to support importing data to various payroll services like ADP, PayChex, Millennium, and PayPro.

We can customize one of those to suit your firm. Generally, there is no charge for the customization of a payroll export report.

What operating systems will Spectrum TimeClock run on?
Spectrum TimeClock runs using Microsoft IIS. IIS comes with Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server. Spectrum TimeClock has been tested and runs on both of these platforms.

Windows XP Pro also comes with IIS. However IIS running on this operating system has certain limitations including no support for cookes, and a limit of 10 simultaneous web browser connections.

The add-on fingerprint reader software for the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader works on Windows-XP or newer, because the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader only works on XP or newer.

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